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08 July 2008 @ 07:58 pm
Writer's Block: Birthmarks, rebirthmarks, etc.  
What kind of birthmark do you have? How does it look? If you don't have one already, what kind of birthmark would you like to have?
 Since i haven't posted in a while, what better way that by answering this question? I have a port-wine stain birthmark, on my scalp. It's a fairly small red dot, not really visible, even with my hair as short as it is. But, I know it's there, because it causes other problems. Because of said birthmark, I have Sturge-Weber syndrome, which we believe was the cause of my seizure disorder, and still to be the cause of my occasional headaches and dizziness.

My mom also has a PWS, located on her face, on one eyelid and covering a section of her cheek and upper lip. She is blind in that eye, and used to get frequent nosebleeds on the side of her nose that it covers. She has since had surgery to remove one of the polyps that developed in her nose, and was causing the nosebleeds.

So, even if other people have and like and want birthmarks, I hate mine.

That's all.
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