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05 April 2007 @ 03:27 pm
Doing Nothing  
That's right, nothing. I have a meeting in about half-an-hour, and work tonight. And, Justin is here, so he and I are going to hang out when he gets done with his official visit stuff tonight. And that's about it.

I like that I don't have the stress of some ofthe other people here, but I can use my work time to do a lot of the stuff I need to. Like my Indiana taxes, and research for my group project that's due next week.  And other than that, there's just not a whole lot going on. I have started making to-do lists, and I've found it helps me accomplish a lot more a lot faster, since I don't dally as much between tasks.

And well, that's it. Everyone should go buy this, or at least listen to it. Rupert and I are obsessed. Oh, and in other news, Sergio and Mortimer no longer are speaking. So uploading photos is going to become a bit of a trial. I need to find out what's going on there.

And, that's all.
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